Brow Genius® Conditioning Brow Serum

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Your future brows begin with a stroke of Genius. Brow Genius® Conditioning Brow Serum blends 6 rejuvenating ingredients into one multi-benefit, smart formula that works now and later to create a look you’ll love. Think a smoother, softer, tamer, fuller-looking brow that feels and performs like the brows you’ve always wanted. From peptides, panthenol and Korean ginseng to biotin and castor oil, this power roster of ingredients is designed to nourish brows, increase manageability and deliver the ultimate brow makeover. Told you it was smart.

Proven to strengthen hair surface by 52%*
Proven to reduce breakage by 52%*
Proven to improve texture by 85%*
Proven to increase smoothness and softness by 85%*
* In independent trials on hair cut from volunteers

86% said brows no longer look sparse
88% said brows appeared fuller
95% said brows look healthier
96% saw an improvement in the appearance of their brows
95% said brow hair feels protected against breakage
93% said brow hair feels less brittle
92% saw improved brow texture
96% said brows felt smoother, softer and more conditioned
93% said their brows were easier to style
91% said brow hair is more manageable
90% said brow makeup is easier to apply
98% said brow hair feels nourished and hydrated
*In a 12-week independent study of 112 women

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A peptide formulated with Red Clover Extract helps to encourage the appearance of fuller looking brows and protect against breakage.
Korean Red Ginseng helps to make brow hair appear thicker.
Panthenol helps to smooth, soften and tame coarse or wiry texture for easier styling and manageability.
Biotin helps to coat the hair to create fuller looking strands.
Castor Oil helps to protect, nourish and condition brow hair and create a healthy environment on skin and around the exterior of the follicle.

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