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The same three tools Anastasia uses to perfect celebrity brows in her salon are now packed into a limited-edition kit for easy, effortless maintenance at-home or on-the-go. This must-have set includes her salon-quality, stainless-steel Precision Tweezers featuring a sharp, slanted tip that isolates those hard-to-nab, short, single hairs, plus just enough tension and bounce back for max control. Next, our cult-favorite Scissors deliver precise, straight trimming and serious precision thanks to coated grips and ultra-thin, stay-sharp, carbon-steel blades. Finish with our Clear Brow Gel for that perfectly polished, MUA-worthy look. Its lightweight, colorless formula locks in brow color and style leaving you with fuller-, richer-looking brows in an instant. Housed in a coveted, ABH-branded beauty bag, our 3 pro tools make DIY brows easy, effortless and statement-making… anywhere, anytime.

STEP 1: TWEEZE Use Precision Tweezers to remove stray brow hairs in the direction that they grow naturally.
STEP 2: TRIM Using the spoolie end of any ABH brow brush, comb brow hairs upward. Then, using light pressure, place your index finger on top of the brow to reveal the hairs that need to be trimmed (this helps ensure that you don’t over-trim). Using the Scissors, trim the brow hairs exposed above your finger.
STEP 3: FINISH Finish by applying Clear Brow Gel through the brow in short, upward motions
Cruelty Free. Vegan.
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